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If you scoop pb out of the jar like it’s ice cream, or have to hide a reese's addiction, this ones for you. Creamy Peanut butter, dark chocolate, and a hint of cinnamon make a killer combo that’s sure to cure your cravings.

Sweeten Up Your Meal Prep

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Flavor Blends

Ceylon Cinnamon - Maca - Dates - Dark Chocolate Swirl



Cashew Milk*(Filtered Water, Cashews*), Milk, Whey Protein Isolate, Tapioca Syrup*, Allulose, Dark Chocolate Swirl* (Agave Nectar*, Water, Cacao Powder*, French Vanilla Extract*, Cacao Butter*, Pink Salt, Guar Gum*), Maple Syrup, Peanut Flour*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grass-fed Cream, Date Syrup*(Dates*, Water), Inulin*, Lactase, Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT Oil), Maca Root Powder*, Vanilla Extract, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Vegetable Gums*(Gum Acacia*, Locust Bean Gum*, Guar Gum*), Pink Salt, Monk Fruit Extract


Nutrition Facts

Product Details



  • Whey Isolate

    Whey protein isolate is the gold standard for quality proteins. It rapidly absorbs and provides the full spectrum of essential amino acids needed to help you recover effectively and build lean muscle mass.

  • C8 MCT

    MCT is a special type of saturated fat called a Medium-Chain-Triglyceride that is rapidly metabolized by the body and brain for immediate, clean burning energy. We use 100% C8 MCT oil to give you the best overall performance. 

  • Cashews 

    Cashews are a great source of energy and protein. They’re packed with vitamins & minerals, healthy fats, and phytochemicals that help nourish the body and make a deliciously creamy "milk" that serves as the main base for our ice creams.

  • Prebiotic Fiber

    Inulin is a soluble, prebiotic fiber that helps to regulate blood sugar levels and balance the good bacteria in your gut. A healthy microflora has been shown to aid in digestion, build a healthy immune system, and improve overall health.

  • EVOO

    Extra virgin olive oil is a potent health elixir rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals and omega fatty acids. These compounds help to fight free radicals, reduce inflammation, and improve heart health, making it great for overall wellness.

  • Electrolytes

    Each pint is packed with the electrolytes Potassium - Magnesium - Sodium- and Calcium. These key minerals play an integral role in cell function, hydration, and physical performance.

  • Tapioca & Maple

    A carb complex rich in glucose, minerals, and antioxidants that helps to replenish glycogen stores and nutrients. A key component to energy, performance, and recovery.

  • Maca

    Maca is a root native to South America that has a long list of health benefits. It helps to boost energy and endurance levels, manage stress, balance hormones, and improve libido. A great way to bolster wellness both in and outside of the gym.

  • Dates

    A sweet and nutritious fruit harvested from date palms. They are rich in flavor and loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

  • Dark Chocolate Swirl

    Our Dark Chocolate Swirl is made with Raw Cacao Powder & Cacao Butter that are packed full of healthy fats, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. A great boost in both flavor & health.

  • Ceylon Cinnamon

    Ceylon cinnamon, or “true cinnamon,” is one of four different varieties that is prized for its delicate flavor and health benefits. It’s rich in antioxidants and polyphenols that help to regulate blood sugar levels, fight inflammation, prevent heart disease, and improve brain function.

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